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Water Treatment Solutions (Desalination Plants/ Waste Water Treatment Plants)
  • Yonsan has been a pioneer in providing equipment for complete water treatment solutions. Our complete solutions include desalination of sea water and brackish water; storage solutions for the potable water and treatment of the waste water to meet international discharge standards.

  • Yonsan is a leading player in the field of small to medium capacity sea water desalination plants converting sea water to potable drinking water and we represent the very best of the components suppliers in the desalination industry. Our current desalination plants range from a capacity of 20 m3/day to 3,000 m3/day. As our plant design, fabrication and assembly is done in- house in Singapore, we are able to offer very high-quality plants at affordable prices.

  • Sewage treatment plant package systems in the capacity range of 25 to 1000 cubic meters per day can be supplied to suit the requirements of each project. The package plants are compact in design and are manufactured to fit a small foot print. Our package plants are supplied with different treatment technologies (for eg. extended airation, MBBR and MBBR+ MBR combination) depending on site constraints and discharge standards.