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Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning
  • Yonsan specializes in designing, installing and servicing commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We have a trained team of design specialists who have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the appropriate mechanical systems are installed for our client’s specific needs.


  • Our extensive design and installation resume extends to numerous projects in resorts and other buildings in the Maldives and in Sri Lanka. Our design specialists work with clients to ensure that all project objectives are met – specifically sustainability objectives. We make sure that energy efficiency is consistent with the owner/developer’s budgets and usage.


  • We ensure that systems are properly commissioned, with rigorous start-up protocols so that building comfort is achieved immediately after the construction phase is completed. Our large service division is then available to ensure that the right preventative maintenance program is put in place to make certain that equipment operates efficiently and its life cycle expectations are achieved.